Biomass-to-Wood Chips

Abundia Biomass-to-Wood Chips is a sustainable supplier of certified wood chips from a select group of managed forests and orchards throughout North America in order to support the growing demand of European and Asian utilities.

Volume: 1M – 5M TPY
Term: 5 -15 yrs.
Export: Terminals within the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf Coast

Abundia Biomass (Woodchips)

Sector: Biomass-to-Wood Chips
Overview: Supplying & sourcing wood chips


The typical life cycle of an orchard (approximately 25-years)

Fumigation prior to export
Fumigant will be determined by the importing country with Methyl Bromide and Phosphine being the two primary examples as the method depends on the type(s) of fumigant.

How Wood Chips Are Produced