Abundia Biomass-to-Pellets is a wood biomass pellet manufacturer that constructs, purchases/refurbishes state-of-the-art facilities with contracted offtakes and plentiful supply of feedstock in order to offer utilities and trading houses in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia turnkey opportunities in the biomass industry

With current or pending construction, purchase(s) and/or refurbishments Abundia Biomass has developed a pathway to approximately 1.5 million TPY of wood pellet production from the Pacific Northwest and Canada – with supporting pellet storage facilities and shipping terminals.

Abundia Biomass (Pacific Northwest)

Sectors: Biomass-to-Pellets
Overview: 300,000 - 600,000 metric ton (“MT”) nameplate manufacturing facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

Abundia Biomass (Canada)

Sector: Biomass-to-Pellets
Overview: 400,000 – 1,000,000 metric ton (“MT”) nameplate manufacturing facilities in Canada.


The growing gap between identified industrial wood pellet supply and forecasted demand demonstrates the scale of investment in production capacity, as well as the associated terminal and logistics infrastructure that must be developed, permitted, financed, and built to satisfy forecasted demand

Consistent Long-Term Demand Driven by Regulatory Environment
Worldwide demand for wood pellets is expected to continue to benefit from government- mandated regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase usage of renewable fuels, resulting in increased prices and the need for meaningful investment in new facilities to address a 15.2MM MT industrial pellet capacity shortage by 2027.

Favorable Pricing Trends
Industrial pellet spot prices have increased materially since early 2017; the spot price is projected to increase over the next few years, remaining stable thereafter.
Global wood pellet demand has rapidly expanded as consumers, businesses, and regulators look for alternatives to fossil fuels

Wood Pellet Eco System

Benefits of Wood Pellets