Abundia Biomass-to-Liquids is a clean energy group focused in producing a hydrogen rich gas stream on demand from biomass and waste sources with safe, viable and sustainable energy solutions.

Production of: synthetic diesel fuel, Kerosene and JET with co-products such as; biochar and graphene.

Feedstocks: a variety of biomass types including energy crops, various kinds of woody biomass, and preprocessed municipal solid waste; Miscanthus, Switchgrass, Railroad Ties – Borate, Creosote & QNAP coatings, Green Urban Waste – Yard Trimmings, Cotton Gin Trash, Municipal Solid Waste – Compost & Autoclave, Palm Fronds, Palm Kernel Shells, Hickory, Bagasse, Pine Bark, Virginia Pine, Cedar, Grass Hay, Mesquite, Red Oak, White Oak, Flooring Waste – Hardwood Flour & Nylon Carpet, Spruce, Poplar, Lint, Bamboo, Mixed Paper, Corn Stover and Wood Pellets.