About Us

The Abundia Biomass team is comprised of industry experts with an unparalleled track record of success while providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


Currently we are in our expansion phase, with a clear strategic vision and pathway to approximately 1.5 million TPY of wood pellet production from the Pacific Northwest and Canada through various Special Purpose Vehicles. Abundia Biomass sells a majority of its wood pellets through long-term, take-or-pay agreements with creditworthy counterparties across the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

In tandem to our wood pellet business, we also provide sustainable wood chips via supplies from certified timber and agriculture resources throughout North America – all the while providing solutions for logistics, quality, price, and volume. Other areas of development include; biomass-to-power and biomass-to-liquids. 

Abundia Biomass prides itself in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).  There are three different approaches to SRI: Ethical Investing, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Investing, or Impact Investing.

Abundia Biomass LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abundia Renewables LLC which is part of the Abundia Financial group of companies. Please visit: www.abundiafinancial.com

Abundia Biomass (Pacific Northwest)

Sectors: Biomass-to-Pellets
Overview: 300,000 - 600,000 metric ton (“MT”) nameplate manufacturing facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

Abundia Biomass (Canada)

Sector: Biomass-to-Pellets
Overview: 400,000 – 1,000,000 metric ton (“MT”) nameplate manufacturing facilities in Canada.

Abundia Biomass (Woodchips)

Sector: Biomass-to-Wood Chips
Overview: Supplying & sourcing wood chips

Abundia Biomass Power (North America)

Sector: Biomass-to-Power
Overview: Acquisition/roll-up of biomass-to-power facilities